Our Mission is to grow the Rochester running community

Robinhood Racing was formed to carry on the tradition of quality and affordable events in the Rochester area. This mission took an unexpected but exciting turn when Paul Richards sold his established race timing business, PCR Timing, to Robinhood Racing in 2019.  This allowed Rochester Running Company to have an established reach into the racing activities in Rochester.

The nine races listed below are the events we’re currently working hard to grow. Our goal is to make these into classic races for the Rochester community and provide the best value for local racing.

Rochester Running Co

Signature Events

Robin Hood Racing is looking to build a few new and unique events, while continuing those races that have become traditions in the Rochester community. Some of the new races Robin Hood Racing has developed include:
  • Unlimited Breadsticks Trail Half Marathon – now in its third year
  • Graveyard Downhill Mile – now in its third year
  • Beer Mile Rochester – now in its forth year
  • SMR- Mountain Race – a new race for 2020

Classic Events

In conjunction with the Rochester Running Company, Robin Hood Racing hosts the following races that have already established themselves as favorite races in the Rochester area:
  • Runnin’ of the Green
  • SPF- Trail Half Marathon
  • Ready, Set, Glow
  • Run Like Hell Charity Race
  • Polar Cats Winter Race Series

Any of these races (excluding SMR) are also available to any running store or timing company employee to participate in free of charge. We are a team and would love your feedback on our events! Additionally, we offer deferrals on all races so if something happens we will forward your registration to the following year. Just email us prior to race day.

Of course, in addition to promoting our own races, we will always work diligently to support the many great charity races within our community. A complete list of all of our upcoming events are available on our race calendar page.

The Robinhood Racing Story

A message from the owner

When we launched the Rochester Running Company back in 2016 we wanted to accomplish 3 things:

  1. Bring the community together in a collaborative way to help make Rochester a great place to live.
  2. Support a few employees financially to give them a job they truly love in a field they are passionate about.
  3. Sell some of the best equipment and give our community a fresh take on my vision for a small, locally owned and operated running store.

We began small, grew quickly, and soon formed an events business called Robinhood Racing LLC. The purpose of this company was to create a few small events that fit comfortably into the framework of an already vibrant race calendar.

Then I met Paul Richards. Paul Richards owned a successfully loyal company called PCR Timing and after more than 20 years of hard work, he was looking to step back from the business he built from the ground up in Rochester. In 2019, Paul sold his timing business to Robinhood Racing.

This was a great opportunity for us because it allows us to:

  • work directly with established races, many of which do a lot of good in raising funds for local charities and organizations
  • help cross-promote Rochester Running Company and raise awareness for the good work we do
  • continue to forge collaborative relationships with the people and businesses in our great community

All of this is made possible thru one thing: running. No matter how fast or slow, whether it’s a fast walk or a 2-hour marathon… running is what this is all about. With Robinhood Racing,  we have the ability to impact many people’s lives thru a sport and activity we love.

— Jonathan Griffiths, Owner