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On August 7th a new challenge and tradition will be unleashed with the creation of SMR!

SMR is a mountain/trail race that will cover approximately 5.5 miles up and down the Swain Ski Slopes with nearly 2000ft of elevation gain. This race won’t be easy but we can promise it will be epic!!!   The race course consists of 2 Loops, the first loop is approximately 1.8miles and climbs mile sweep.  The second loop is approximately 3.5miles and ascends up Clark and Upper Robinson, some of Swains most challenging climbs.

As of now the race field is limited to the first 100 entries.  We are hopeful to run the race with one mass start or 2 heats of 50 if needed.  We will continue to monitor the covid-19 pandemic and provide updates.

Masks will be required in the starting/finishing areas and anytime social distancing is difficult to maintain on the course.  Overall the course and trails are wide enough to maintain proper social distancing.